10 Indicators A Spirit of Rejection Is Tormenting You


10 Indicators A Spirit of Rejection Is Tormenting You

A spirit of rejection victimizes its prey by causing them to feel worthless and unwanted.

It employs a spirit of self-pity as its right hand man to drive people away and allow abandonment and isolation to move in.

A spirit of rejection taunts with one failure after another in hopes you will say, “I give up!”

Don’t give up!  Do you have a spirit of rejection at work in your life? Everyone experiences rejection at some time but here are 10 potential indicators of a demonic spirit at work.

10 Fruits of a Spirit of Rejection At Work In Your Life

  1. You find yourself comparing your circumstances or situations with others, and you never seem to measure up.
  2. You feel like you missed out on life’s opportunities and now it’s too late.
  3. No amount of encouragement is enough to convince you of your worth.
  4. You feel rejected if you are not greeted or acknowledged by leadership.
  5. You constantly seek the approval of others and suffer from people pleasing.
  6. You are easily offended or embarrassed by discipline or correction.
  7. You are always trying to prove yourself in public.
  8. You feel like you are on the outside looking in during interactions with people.
  9. You think you could do a better job than the current leader or teacher if you are given the opportunity.
  10. You believe no one understands you, or what you are going through.

!f you recognize these signs, don’t throw in the towel!

The conviction that leads to confession, repentance, and deliverance from the spirit leads to freedom not defeat.

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God is answering the cry of your heart by shedding light on the lies you believe that have sabotaged your destiny and your identity.

If you recognize these symptoms, what can you do? Until you are ready to go through deliverance from this spiritual torment of rejection, here are a few steps you can take today.

  1. Pray for the revelation of God’s love to show you who you are to Him.  There is nothing that you can “do” to earn his love.  If you are a parent, you know that when you first held your child, you didn’t give that child a laundry list of expectations in order to earn your love.  The minute that baby was born you were in love.  Allow that love from your heavenly Father to enter your heart.
  2. Pray to see others through the “Eyes of Christ”, not out of your own expectations.
  3. Pray that conviction would alert you to negative words that are coming out of your own mouth and holding you in bondage.  Repent of any word curses you have spoken over yourself or others in the past, and break those word curses.
  4. Forgive those who have offended you.
  5. Release all judgment that is causing you to be judged. (Matthew 7:2)

Right now you are in a battle, but you are important to God.  Don’t let past defeats cause you to quit.   As you seek God first, He will direct your steps to further counsel and possibly deliverance.


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