3 Productivity Tips For Distance Learning Student

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At some point in your distance learning studies, you most likely struggled with the many temptations and distractions that come across your path every day. Studying from home certainly has its benefits. That goes without question. But many of us also face serious distractions that prevent us from working on our studies efficiently throughout the workday.

The perks of studying from home include: reduced or no campus time, saving money by eating at home instead of buying takeout, paying for little or no gas expenses for your vehicle, and having the ability to study at our hometown or a cheaper town to live instead of stuffy, expensive campuses. If you think long and hard, you’ll come up with many other benefits of studying from home as well.

Copyright: garagestock / 123RF Stock Photo

But that still doesn’t solve the distraction problem. It is possible to make your distance learning much more productive. If you use the three tips that we are about to share with you today, you’ll begin to experience productivity at the highest levels.

So reevaluate your distance learning and take productivity to the next level this year and for many years to come by using the following tips to your advantage:

Setting up Your Distance Learning to Inspire Productivity

Every distance student would love it if they had their own fortress of solitude; similar to the one Superman has in the middle of nowhere. Except we need a fortress in a controlled climate with internet access to and the right room equipment instead of having it covered in ice!

But the truth of the matter is simple. Most of us do not have this opportunity available at any given time. We have to work in our limited spaces that are often quite conducive to distractions.

When trying to focus on doing your homework, make sure you use a corner of your space that is free of heavy foot traffic. The fewer people walking by your room the better.

To experience peace and quiet, paint your room using soothing colors. In fact, paint your room green since it is known to help increase productivity.

Studying in an area with a window is also a wise choice. Otherwise, your study space will feel like you are studying inside a cave. And nobody wants to feel cooped up all day, right?

Finally, to also promote peace and calming feelings, make sure there are plants or even a small fountain outside of your window. When distractions rear their ugly head, you can look out the window and enjoy the peaceful scenery as you work to get your mind back on track.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Some More

A clean study space makes for a productive study space. If you are like most people, your studying has a tendency to collect piles of junk. They seemingly spring up out of nowhere at any given time.

You have to be ruthless when it comes to decluttering. Otherwise, your space will become overrun with piles of paper, coffee cups, half-read books, tchotchkes, and other distractions. This is unacceptable if you plan to become as productive as humanly possible during studying hours.

So, you have to declutter ruthlessly and do so every day if possible. The more you stay on top of things, the easier it will be to keep your space clutter free and productive.

Track Your Productivity with a Time Tracker

Last but certainly not least, you must have an online time tracker keeping track of your every studying moment. By tracking your productivity to the minute, you’ll see when you are being your most productive. And you’ll also recognize when you’re being your least productive. Using a time tracker in this way will help you determine your most productive times so that you can work more efficiently.


Becoming more productive is easier than you think. Use these three distance learning efficiency tips and watch your productivity soar!


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